My Top 5 Shoe Liners



Shoe liners, footies, invisible socks, no-show socks… whatever you want to call them are a great invention. They make it look like you’re not wearing socks (which is a popular look with men at the moment) and it’s better for your feet than actually going barefoot. They prevent you from sweating in your shoes making it more hygienic and most importantly reducing the chances of creating an unpleasant shoe odour.

However, I’ve found that a lot of them don’t really fit very well. They slip off your heel, move down your foot causing discomfort and are just down right annoying. The only way of finding out if they’re any good is if you wear them so it’s difficult to tell before you make that purchase but if you look out for these key features that I’m about to tell you, you can’t go too wrong.

“the best kind of heel grip is
the thin non-silicone type”

I’ve bought a great number of shoe liners over the years and have discovered that the best ones are those that are sized (one size in these just don’t work) and the best kind of heel grip is the thin non-silicone type, the squiggly silicone grippers aren’t great.

So after trying and testing a great number of styles and brands I’ve whittled it down to 5. Here are my top 5 recommendations which are mostly unisex, so guys I hope you’re reading this too! Starting with the best.

1. Omsa – Feet Care Cotton (unisex)

Hands down these are the best shoe liner there is! I wear these bad boys the most, I even wear them in the gym as I like a light sock. They are a light cotton, come halfway up the foot and have a thin smooth silicone free gripper patch on the heel.
They’re available in nude and black, in sizes S/M (35-38), M/L (39-41) and XL (42-46) and cost €5.95. Buy them online here.

2. Omsa – Ballerina (womens)

These are the next best shoe liner. They’re very similar to the previous but are lower on the foot and are a lighter weight. They are also cotton and have the same smooth gripper patch on the heel.
They’re available in nude, in sizes S/M (35-38), M/L (39-41) and cost €5.95. Buy them online here.

3. Vans – Classic Kick Socks (unisex)

These are more of a sports sock so they’re perfect with your trainers/sneakers. They’re also cotton and are the thickest of the shoe liners on this list. They have a similar smooth gripper patch on the heel. This type of gripper seems to be the best kind although mine have worn off on these now but I have had them a couple of years!
They’re available in lots of different colours and designs, in both women, mens and kids sizes, prices start from €12 for a pack of 3. Buy them online here.

4. Ysabel Mora – Pinki Invisible (unisex)

These are also a sports sock, they’re cotton but have a silicone gripper on the heel. They have a built in elasticated band across the middle of the foot which helps to keep them in place. As I said before, the silicone grippers aren’t great but this is the best there is.
They’re available in black and white, in womens and mens sizes and cost €4.95 (womens) and €5.50 (mens). Buy them online here.


5. Bonnie Doon – Sneaker Socks (unisex)

Very similar to the previous socks from Ysabel Mora only they are a little lighter and have a wider strip of silicone on the heel. They’re available in lots of colours and designs in both women and mens sizes. Price starts from €7.95. Shop the collection here.

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