Yoga/Pilates Socks

I go to Pilates, it’s a pretty big class and so everyone wears socks; not a bare foot in sight which is understandable as a large class like that could create some aroma!

As you can guess normal socks aren’t much good. You’ll be slipping and sliding with particular poses so socks with a grip on the sole is a must but which style is best?

I decided to try out a few different styles/brands which are all available from my shop: Tights Dept. Please note that this is not a biased view, all items are available in my store so no disadvantages.

1. ToeSox: Low Rise Full-Toe

The first pair I tried was from ToeSox, a leading brand of pilates/yoga socks. I chose to go with their low rise enclosed toe.

Difficult to put on, getting your toes into each toe was a bit of a struggle, but once on they’re reasonably comfy and didn’t budge throughout the entire class. The combination of grip from your individual toes and from the gripper sole makes it impossible to slip or slide out of poses.

They also can be worn with your trainers. I particularly like a thin sock in my trainers but surprisingly these aren’t bad. The fact that they’re low ankle (low rise) makes them quite appealing to me but as I don’t have any space between my toes I was aware of them on. I’d like them to be a little thinner but all in all a very good product.

My Rating: 4/5


2. ToeSox: Open-Toe Bellarina

The 2nd pair, also from ToeSox, the open-toe bellarina. These look great, I really love the design. Like the previous style it’s a little difficult getting them on but once on they stay put, well for most of the time. Unlike the enclosed toe, I did find that they slipped a little at the base of the toes/ball of the foot with particular poses.

Also wearing with trainers wasn’t as comfortable with the open part on the top of the foot and the open-toes.

My Rating: 3/5


3. Tavi Noir: Chey Grip Socks

The final pair was by Tavi Noir, also a ballerina style. I found these got a little tight across the ankle. The gripper sole on them is extra strong (and thick) however although the grip stayed I found my foot moved in the sock. Poses that require you to push away from yourself, I found the sock wouldn’t move but my foot would.

I personally wouldn’t recommend these ahead of ToeSox, I think the individual toes are a requirement for a complete grip but they are a good option for those of you that don’t like socks with individual toes or anything between your toes, I know there are a lot of you out there!

Wearing them with trainers, like the previous style, aren’t as comfortable as a full sock, also the gripper is a lot thicker so you can really feel it under your foot.

My Rating: 2/5

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